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“Vilniaus kailiai” (Eng. Vilnius Fur) is the largest manufacturer of fur and leather products in Lithuania, the supplier of individual services, which has chain stores in the major cities of the country. Although the company’s activity started more than a hundred years ago, and then focused only on the fur dressing, today, thanks to many years of experience and a stable team, “Vilniaus kailiai” sews and sells the exclusive natural fur and leather products for women and men in the domestic and international markets in large, small or very small quantities. High-quality raw material, accurate work performance by the long-standing professionals, the completeness of silhouettes, combined with the restrained luxury, a little of extravagant refinement, the combinations of intriguing variations of seams, fashionable details, tasteful colours provide the exclusivity to the products of “Vilniaus kailiai” brand.


  • In spite of the influence of the changes in different markets, in various periods of time, to be able to compete in Lithuanian and foreign markets, while maintaining the name of Lithuanian national product
  • To create the products, meeting the needs of innovative buyers and customers for different segments of Lithuanian and foreign markets
  • To provide various services quickly, reliably, professionally and qualitatively, ranging from the creation of idea, the sewing of an individual product or a model collection, to the supplying of the final product to the customer.
  • To be the socially responsible company, fostering the philosophy and values of the responsible business.


By supplying only high-quality raw materials from the auctions of Denmark, Finland and Canada and from long-standing European leather manufacturers, “Vilniaus kailiai” manufactures only the fur and leather products, which are marked by its own brand “Vilniaus kailiai”. While manufacturing exclusively for women and only a small part for men, “Vilniaus kailiai” sells in the retail network the fur and leather products, leather haberdashery for women, linen products for men and women for the summer season, made by Lithuanian and foreign suppliers, who correspond the philosophy of the company’s activity.


Golden Spindle (“Auksinė verpstė”), established by Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association (LATIA), was awarded for the contribution to the Lithuanian textile industry and its maintenance. We hold different awards, diplomas for the presentations of the original and innovative collections in the exhibitions. We are the members of LATIA, Enterprise Lithuania (“Versli Lietuva”), Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (Lithuanian CCIC).


We cooperate with Lithuanian and foreign retail networks, shopping centers, production companies, designers and their agents, representatives, authorized persons, brokers, the suppliers of fur, leather, sewing articles, and with the supplies of various products.
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