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Fur Coats Repair

For those, who care about fur or leather garments at the end of the season, who prepare for the winter in advance, we recommend and invite to use the fur products renewal services at any time of the season. The specialists of “Vilniaus kailiai” will evaluate the condition of Your item and according to Your possibilities and needs, will advise on the certain renewal procedures: how to replace the lining, fasteners, how to replace the frayed places of the garment by the new fur, how to clean the fur, how to shorten or narrow the products so that the next winter season every client would feel comfortable, renewed and fashionable. It is natural that while wearing a fur coat, it appears a little change in the fur structure of the cuffs, edges, pocket edges, shoulder line, the seating and elbow places of the fur coats of those people who drive cars, and during the long period of time, the product itself loses the appearance and shape of novelty, becomes less attractive and is not so cute. Therefore, fur coats repair/ modernization is one of the ways for the fur coats renewal. So feel free to choose the service of a reliable manufacturer with guarantees, use the advice of “Vilniaus kailiai” professional fur coats sewing specialists and meet the new season being renewed.

Fur Coats Re modelling

We wear fur coats (those of minks, astrakhans, foxes, beavers, rabbits, chinchillas, sables, muskrats, and etc.) not for one year, because they are a valuable and expensive investment, and when later we are bored with them, they wear down or become unfashionable, we even do not give a thought that it is still possible to resurrect them for the second life and to make them fashionable again, to create a different unique style, and also to save a little bit money rather than to invest again. “Vilniaus kailiai” masters offer You a unique service – the fur remodeling-renewal: These are several suggestions on how You can renew Your fur coat:

  • The simplest way to renew the fur coat is to shorten it. If You are looking for a more interesting variant, it is possible to sew down the fur, which is one tone darker or of different structure, to the shortened fur coat, it can also besewn down on the sleeves. And here You have a stylish, renewed fur coat. The quality of the remaining part of the product fur will be evaluated by “Vilniaus kailiai” technologists, who will also advise You on what You can do with this fur.No doubt, often such a part becomes a fur belt, a renewed collar or a collar –accessory, a wrap, which is put in various ways, a cap or another cute accent of style or home decor.
  • If Your body structure has changed and You have become slimmer –no problem, we will narrow, shorten the garment, we will adjust the structure of the sleeves and shoulder line, we will respectively replace the lining of the garment to another one or we will reduce it, which can become an exceptional accent of the product and it will be designed only for You.
  • If the garment has become boring and no longer meets the needs of today’s fashion – then the services of “Vilnius kailiai” are just what You need!According to the possibilities of the product and the quality of the fur, we will change the product model type or only the forms of the sleeves and the collar,pockets type, and the garment will be completely different, more playful, more interesting, more attractive, and just as newly acquired.
  • If Your garment is exceptionally classical, then after matching the fur, it is possible to give it playfulness by adding various details and/or adjusting the length of the garment and the sleeves.
  • It is really simple – the fur coat, which You do not wear any more for a long time, You can turn into a stylish waistcoat, a wrap/-s, a cap/-s, which You can wear almost any time of the year, matching to the clothing of different styles,and constantly creating an exceptionally individual image! If it is not enough,frequently the qualitative fur can be turned into cosy accents of home decor,such as cushions, spreads, rugs, and etc.
  • A perfect collar can be sewn from the fur remains. The collar can be sewn down to Your favorite sweater, leather jacket or a half-length coat. After fastening the buttons to the inside part of the collar, You can button it to almost every jumper. You can also wear the collar as a wrap. This is a great detail, which You can wear not only in winter, but You can also match it to the cocktail, evening, and casual style clothing.

This service is provided for the products of all types of fur, except for the sheepskin and leather products. Have you got Your own ideas as well? It is great, please contact us and we will create Your new favorite clothing!

The Sewing of Individual Fur Coats and Leather Products

Although shopping centers, individual chain stores, individual leather and/or fur products oasis offer a huge selection of them, and it seems a reasonable ratio of the price, quality and style, but we often face the problem of how to stand out from the masses, how to express the ourselves, how to spend less money or to use it wisely, how to spend money, when You are ready for it, when most sellers offer the same products or something similar. What to do, if we wish to be special, but we do not have an imagination or simply do not know, how to reach that specialness? Therefore, do not hesitate, because the market and the offers are not only the shops, but they are also the providers of individual services, the manufacturers, such as the professional team of “Vilniaus kailiai“, who will help You to free Your imagination, create ideas and implement them, will plan the budget You need, will provide You with the materials You wish and the solutions for the exceptional garment with the high-quality of sewing, materials, service and all the long-term guarantees of the manufacturer. We agree that sometimes the realization of such a desire takes time, requires patience, but isn't our individuality worth such a uniqueness? For the clients’ convenience, we sew various products for women, men and children from luxurious fur, sheepskin and leather. The assortment of possible products is wide: coats, jackets, waistcoats, trousers, skirts, dresses, pelerines, boleros, caps, gloves and various accessories (wraps, collars, various decorations for coats, suits, caps, gloves, fur trims), and also a range of various unexpected solutions especially for You. If You want the individuality for Your house, homestead, car environment, or the revitalization of the interior, we will provide with non-traditional fur spreads, rugs, leather or fur cushions of individual sizes and designs. For the sewing of the products, the materials can be used both provided by the client, and available in “Vilniaus kailiai”. Our company’s specialists will be happy to help You to choose the model of “Vilniaus kailiai”, which will be suitable for You or to design a suitable model just for You, or to realize You dream, to choose, to sort materials according to Your individual needs, the available or desirable budget, and the payment conditions, suitable for You, after discussing this individually with You.

“Vilniaus kailiai”.

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Sewing – CMT

We quickly, reliably, professionally and qualitatively provide various manufacturing services for the well-known and novice designers, for the small and large brands of world known names from the USA, Great Britain, Finland, Denmark, France, Lithuania, who work with natural and fake fur, leather and textile products, and home decor; the services include the creation of the idea of the product, needed by the client, the manufacturing of paper patterning-prototypes, the application of the effective raw material system of use, flexible short-term and long-term planning of the products manufacturing, the sewing of individual or extended model collection, the delivery of the final mass product to the customer‘s required delivery location anywhere in the world. These services are provided only in Vilnius fur factory „Vilniaus kailiai“, without mediators. We realize the ideas using our own and the customers’ raw materials. We always guarantee to each manufacturer timely, high-quality services and the fostering of socially responsible business values.

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