About us

From generation to generation Vilniaus Kailiai have been bringing Lithuanian fur and leather fashion traditions in Vilnius since 1865.

Our business started as an international recognized fur tannery. Since year 2005 we acted as a prominent fur coat manufacturing service provider for Nordic countries and Western Europe. Today we enjoy global fur and leather apparel as well as accessories sales business opportunities. We also take advantage of our valuable company business experience and keep consulting our longtime partners and start-ups in fur and leather collection production, technologies and export.

Through long experience we strongly believe in ethical, holistic and slow fur and leather fashion partnership around the world. It is our priority for You to enjoy a fair attitude to customer service, quality and prices.

We care for every tiny stich of our collections` model and believe our great love and passion for fur and leather appeals Your heart too.

We are so happy to continue local fur and leather apparel traditions and pass on global professional knowledge of our ancestors to further generations for many years to come. Various nominations, diplomas, valuable memberships and social partnerships encourage and motivate us to reach for more.

Today in a quickly changing world we are passionate to take advantage of new global technologies to re-create ourselves, to talk the same apparel fashion language and grow together with You.

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